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i a own  a website  an online printing services company in manhtattan.  I just purchased the domain name .
How can i use the new domain name to increase my seo for my current website.. If i forward the  to   is that a good idea or do you have a better suggestion.
thank you

Hello Marv,

I do know what you mean about pointing domains as I own several myself and I feel it is better to cross-promote by creating blog type sites and promoting the main site on the blogs.

My suggestion is to create a blog at for your site and have banners on the side pointing to your printing site.  Add blog posts to go out once a day at least on the topics of printing, presentations including all types of tips and tricks of the trade.

This is a good way to build traffic and I also suggest to include a way to "capture" email addresses encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletter that will include industry news.  Feel free to enjoy a free trial for building your list using the new Toolkit at:  

Best of luck,

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