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Hello Jared

Hope you've been doing well.

Do you know how we can record a video on youtube so we than can then upload it to our youtube channel?

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Hi Sterling,

Thanks for asking a question here.

I'm not entirely clear of the question - are you asking me how to record a video, what format to record it in, or how to upload it?

To record a video simply use a phone, camcorder, laptop camera or pc webcam. As long as they record in one of these formats:


Simply check the device documentation to see what the output file format is.  Some will have options (where you choose "Save As" and choose the file type you want to save your video as). The best is MP4.

If you dont have a device and you just want to record your computer screen there are some web based recording programs, like that are free and easy to use.

Once you save the file, simply log in to YouTube with your account and choose UPLOAD. At this point you can add titles and descriptions of your video, as well as other information and display options.

Hope this helps

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