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Carrie A Diaz wrote at 2015-02-12 07:14:45
Have you optimized your blog according to SEO guidelines? You should get a different way to promote your blog over the web. Several other social networking sites are also there on the internet than Facebook, Twitter which drive thousands of traffic and boost your online reputation. You should try WordPress sharing buttons, custom social media sharing widgets on your blog. You can find them from analytic tools like,,, etc. I hope these will be helpful to boost traffic on your site.

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The questions I would be able to answer will be subject to the topic of Marketing. My expertise is specifically 'On-line Marketing',I am able to answer any How to, Why or What question you may have about this topic. My specific skill that is beneficial when it comes to Marketing is my outside of the box thinking, I am able to generate creative and inventive Marketing Strategies or Plans. Therefore I am very happy to help with any questions relating to marketing strategies or plans. If you are having problems with developing an ad campaign, or don't know where to start, I enjoy sharing ideas.


My current job as a Social Media Manager for Business2Sell has equipped me with the knowledge and skills I need to fully understand Marketing as a whole. I know how to implement social media marketing, on-line marketing, ad campaign creation, developing a marketing plan and so much more. I enjoy the strategic and creative aspects of marketing, and therefore are the areas where my skills are most beneficial.


Bachelors Degree in Business - Griffith University - Completion date - Dec 2015

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