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Dear sir,
My name is Stella. I will be grateful if you answer few queries of mine. I have learnt a lot about online selling and marketing through internet. If have collected a lot of articles and e-books to gain some knowledge about the same. Then I started a blog in wordpress named " learn English online". I posted few articles. Also I used Facebook and twitter to get traffic.

Now the problem is that I am not getting any traffic. No one is reading my posts. It has been 6 months since I started blogging. I am aware of SEO terms and tools. I used it to some extent. Could you please tell me what should I do now. How can I get more traffic?

Actually I have planned to start an online store. But since it involves financial investment, so I decided to test the concept of online selling by using blogging first. But unfortunately its not yielding any results.
Could it be that I stay in India and here the concept of online selling and blogging has not gained much momentum so that's why iam not seeing results.
1. Please tell me what is the reason as it appears to you? And  
2. Possible solution to this problem.
Please reply.

Dear Stella,

First of all, it's good to see that you are starting your own online business venture. Regarding your current situation, the details you have provided is not enough to give you a proper answer. If you want a proper answer then please reply to the questions below.

1. How much content have you added in your blog? Are you using Google webmaster tool with it?

2. Have you done proper keyword research? Try to target long tail keywords as they usually have less or no competition and gets you fast steady traffic.

for instance in your case "Learn english online" is your main keyword
you can use long tail keywords like

Learn how to improve your grammar in 10 mins   etc.

3. Which domain did you use? is it a .com? or .in? If you are targetting only indian audience then a .in domain will be more beneficial.

4. Have you done any link building for your blog?

5. Are you using Social Media to promote your blog? Like Twitter, facebook etc.

Getting traffic is one of the key things to make money online. Some prefer to use their SEO skills to rank their website in organic search whereas some prefer to pay Google money via PPC to get traffic. There are those who don't use Google as their main traffic source as well.


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