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Online Marketing/Whether Home page should be blog or Static for SEO?


Dear Steve,
I have started a small wordpress based site and I would like your help.
My question is which one would be better for SEO purpose?
1)Whether I should have my starting page/ Home page as a blog where all the posts are posted with lot of keywords, that will get ranked high by Google OR
2)The blog page should be separate from Static Home Page as anyway google can scan the contents of blog anyway irrespective of its position?

Thanks a lot

Really this boils down more to the intent and flow of the site than it does SEO.  For good SEO whether a static or blog page you need custom keywords that are consistent with the intent and content of the site
Good SEO is - telling the bot what your site is going to be about in the keywords, having content that is about what the keywords say it was going to be about, and then having other sites Google already trusts for relevant content and linking to say that your site is about this as well.
If you have good keywords but content that is not rich in those same words and concepts; if you have good content but it isnt in alignment with what the keywords said it was going to be; or if you have a bunch of inbound links from site having no business linking to yours - this is where you run into the major problems with search engine placement.  If all three of these are in place then you have good and growing lasting ranking, if not then the bot flags the question to a person who then will determine the discrepancy and what do to with your listing or will just let it sit at the bottom of the pile in obscurity

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