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I hope you would be able to help me please?

I write Kindle books and I don't really want (essentially an empty) website for every book I write because I've already written a couple of books and plan to write many more in order to use it to host a an Aweber form for signing up people.

I just want to be able to write a book, publish it then collect email addresses (through a link in the book) by offering a short report.

I've been in touch with Aweber and they say I would still need a website e.g. Facebook to host the form and as long as the report is under 1MB it would be okay to send in the follow up email.

Any ideas on how to host the form?  Or should I just setup a Facebook Fan Page for each book?



ANSWER: What is the sign up form going to give to the poeple?  Just the book?
Do they need to sign up again for each book?
More importantly what are you doing with the names other than collecting them?  What is the true purpose of collecting the names and what is the long term benefit for the customer when they sign up?
IF the book is the free giveaway or if each time you write another book the customer gets the next book then you have a reason for a site that outlines all of the books and places them together as a collection of information or a resource on a subject.
You dont want to have an Aweber approach that collects the same name twice, rather you want to create an ongoing relationship with the person after the sign up.
If you are just collecting the names and there isnt a followup purpose and way of both helping and monetizing the people on the list then it really doesnt matter if you get one or a million people to sign up because the lack of ongoing relationship will just lose you those people over time and always be "starting" a list
In order to determine the website that is best to place the Aweber opt in form the 1st thing you need to do is become crystal clear on the sales cycle or funnel for the customer so that you take them on a journey from now knowing you at all to being one of your best clients.
Once you have this information you will know better if you should use Facebook or some other website format.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Good point!

The email addresses would be collected to
1) offer them a free report related to the Kindle book that they just bought (the link to the opt-in form would be in the book itself) and,
2) to notify them of other books going on sale.

The mailing lists would be separate, one for each book.  It would depend on which book(s) takes off... I'd probably focus on which one was most successful as the books are on different topics.

So basically you need a process flow and then a centralized place for all who have opted in to get further info and other deals.
You can do each book with its own landing page but you want to bring all of your buyers to one place whether that is a FB page or a website they need to all be headed to one central location AND you dont want to have them opt in more than once.  It is better to have those who have already opted in once to just be informed of the new books coming out and be told where they can download that books giveaway.  
You goal is one big list not a million little lists with mostly all duplicate content  

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