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Hello Jared! I'm a fiction author. Aspiring, that is.

Everyone knows that building an online audience is the best way of getting published these days. I'd like to start blogging to build this audience, but I don't really know what to write ABOUT.

I'm an amateur author, not an authority about the business of fiction writing...and I can't really speak or instruct about the path toward getting published, as my books haven't been published yet.

My life is pretty humdrum. I work a pretty dull job by day and write fiction by night. I'm single and I haven't traveled much, never been out of the country actually. My "travels" mainly take place within the pages of my fantasy adventure novels. order to write an interesting blog which attracts readers (and a publishing deal), what in the world can I write about? And if I do manage to attract readers, how will this help increase my chances of getting a book deal?


Hi Jason

Instead of trying to figure what to write about, why dont you write some fiction!

There is nothing wrong with writing shorts and then pushing them on social media. This is a bit out of my wheelhouse as I usually provide content marketing consultation to business, but in the grand scheme its not that different. I would start publishing short stories and attempt on getting them shared. As for getting a book deal - I have no idea but I wish you the best of luck.  Sorry I couldnt have been more help.


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