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Hello, I am having some problems getting my business listed with google. Initially when I registered, I was in the top search results. However, since then Google has done some updates and I no longer appear in the maps even though they didn't really change much. Since I have registered, I have created a sitemap and linked it to my analytics account. I have also been blogging and creating backlinks. However, I still do not seem to be in the rankings anymore. Can you coach me on what I may be doing wrong?


Oh the fickle nature of Google.

You can't live with them and well.... you just can't live without.

A couple of things come to mind and since I don't know the name of your business or website I'll be shooting in the dark.

If you would like to send me a private message with the above information I could provide you more detail as to what may be hampering your efforts to get and keep getting ranked high enough to secure more business.

Since, you've registered with Google it means you've jumped through all the hoops to get verified via a text message or in the past a postcard. You might even have had a Google Places account set up that was actually showing up in search results for your particular line of work in your specific locale.

You even have an analytics account and you have verified through Google that they recognize and acknowledge your site map. This shows me you have more than a basic grasp of this internet stuff.

My first question is do you have a mobile site set up for your website? Google is now starting the process of penalizing by rank those sites that aren't mobile ready. That's a fairly easy fix but I've got a feeling it's probably a bit more than that.

My second question is about backlinks. Where are you getting these links from and are they relevant to the type of business you do? In the past there have been some bad characters circling the web and promising huge rankings if you buy into backlinking schemes. Google is wise to these activities and if you have been caught up in such an endeavor or done something like this in the past then now is the time to make a clean break of it. There are ways to disavow such links so they no longer harm your rankings. It is a laborious process (for which my Company has the tools) but if you have some resources available well worth the effort. It sure beats having to start over from scratch.

My final question is does your analytics account show any traffic at all? We've set up very strict parameters for our sites to block unwanted countries or hackers from gaining access or slamming our pages with high bounce rates. The unwanted overload of traffic creating high bounce rates can really tank your ability to increase your rankings. You've got to always keep your eye on the ball continually checking which range of ip's, url's, or user agents to freeze out. A strong robots.txt file coupled with a well thought out htaccess file should keep the bad guys away so you can work on doing the other things to help your site rank well.

Oh, almost forgot, what kind of site do you have? In other words, is it wordpress, html, drupal, adobe flash etc.,?

That should get you started.

All the best

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