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QUESTION: I regularly see intriguing "come on" phrases with links in e-mails or websites.  OFTEN, when I click on such a link, they have a reasonably credible speaker talking for 15-30 minutes, then try to sell me something at a "reduced" price if I buy RIGHT NOW.  The deal evaporates instantly after leaving their pitch.  Most of these I've listened to (E.G.; stock tips and health tips, dietary supplements) are well done and could lead to my purchasing something, EXCEPT for one thing; I'm no longer willing to waste my time to even listen to the first 30 seconds of these lead-ins because of the LARGE CHUNKS of my time that were wasted by previous come-ons.

I imagine a high proportion of internet users have (like me); become so frustrated with this approach, they also stop listening way before the pitch arrives.  Thus, this strategy seems to be a loser for the seller.  My question is; why do seemingly intelligent internet marketing companies employ these absurdly long lead-ins before presenting their offers – is this really an effective way to sell stuff?

Thank you.

ANSWER: While some of us may find this approach irritating, their target audience responds in greater numbers to this approach.

When doing any marketing, it's important to understand what your target audience wants and needs to convince them to buy, not what approach works for you as your experiences are subjective. Stats back up that video works better than text to convert, for these particular audiences.

If you want help figuring out what to do for your audience, you'll need to study your audience. What do they prefer is always the question.

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QUESTION: Good answer!  OK, that's pretty much what I figured was going on.  But, remember my key point is that I (and, I believe, a large % of others) stop listening after a minute or 2 (I.E.; as soon as we see this is going to take FOREVER for them to get to the point).  That ends any chance of getting us as a customer.  So the real question is this; why wouldn't the marketer offer (say, in the right margin after a certain elapsed time or if the listener tries to close the page) a "Click here for more Options" (which could offer such options as; the info. in text format, a much quicker verbal summary, etc.)?  What has the marketer got to lose, at this point, by offering some options?  This approach seems like it would have a higher conversion probability, keeping more potential customers interested and reading/listening, rather than losing them.

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Because you're not their target audience. In some ways the long video ( and well as super long sales pages) are kind of a way to weed out people who aren't their ideal customer. If they offer a way for those who don't want to listen to the entire thing, they are then going to lead their ideal audience away from the video. :)

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