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Social Media Marketing for B2B Tradeshows

Hello Jared Mumford, hope you are doing well.

I am a digital marketer. I work for a company which organizes B2B trade shows annually for 15 different industries including plastics, textiles, digital signage, building materials, oil, energy and gas etc.

Can you help me in finding out the social media strategies and activities to promote the exhibitions? I really need to know what activities i should be doing which helps in spreading the word about exhibitions and eventually helps in business development and sales. Thank you so much :)

Hi Ibtesam

Thanks for the question. Ill admit that social is not my strong point as I've moved more into a LEad SEO / SEM / Shopping role. However I can give you some tips:

Use a platform that manages all of your social paid ads and organic posts - something like Hootsuite which works very well.

Get comped tickets for the trade show(s) and give them away in contests - like/share contests will spread your network to others in the field and help with your dripped posts.

For twitter, make sure to use sponsored ads for specific hash tags in twitter - what are the trending hashes for people talking about those trades? Even if it's unrelated (lets say people are talking about a labour deal in the textile industry using the #PKNLabour, your ad in the sponsored area can get a lot of impressions from the right audience.

Specifically Instagram / Pinterest probably wont be of too much use, but you can always start an account there and share pictures from each trade show and that can provide some leverage as well.

Hopfeully this helps you get started!


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