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Hi Nat

What's your opinion of how the majority of people view someone who like's their own post, comments and videos online? I read in a free e-book from online and it said most see it as gaming the system? Would you agree with that, and if no why not?

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If you think it feels like your "gaming" the system then you probably are.

I'm not sure Google or the other search engines drill down to see if you "liked" your post or video but in truth if you're trying to improve your ranking then you need to share your information with as many viewers as possible. This may come down to commenting on like minded blogs or you tube accounts and sharing a link to your video in the comment.

You can also buy likes at Fiverr but in order to really grow your online business you need natural looking links.

There are people who have arrived to view your video or online material from someplace else because they are looking for answers to a question they might have about a product, service.

The more you can walk in their shoes and phrase your titles to reflect that the video or post may provide this answer the quicker you will be to getting more likes.

A long winded answer Sterling but that's my take on the question.

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