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Hi Stephanie Watson,

This is Thien-An Ta.  I am looking for a free website company to build a website for my own business that can track down
the volume of traffic going into my website, and a free email marketing.  Do you know any that you can recommend me ?

If not free, do you know any company that charges at a low-affordable price to build a website that can track down volume
of traffic plus email marketing ?

Respectfully yours and Blessings,

Thien-An Ta

Hi Thien-An,

I don't mean to sound rude so don't take this answer that way. But, no one will respect your business if you use everything free for your website, email list, and so forth -- plus while I know you can get a free website with something like you can't get free email marketing. You can use Google Analytics (free) to track the volume of traffic to your site though.

Please highly consider using self-hosted WordPress for your website and reliable hosting such as,, etc.. The software is free, you can also get free themes, but you'll apy a little less than 10 dollars a month for hosting, and about 12 to 15 for your domain name. You can get email marketing software like Aweber or ConvertKit for less than 30 dollars a month. That is very little to pay for an entire business.

Best of luck to you.


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