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How to Have an Online Relationship/How exactly does an online relationship work?


I am a sixteen year old girl. I found my self bored one day and signed up for a teen chat room, and I had some good conversations (along with the bad perverts) This guy and I really hooked- and now we're only chatting with eachother, neither one of us go on that site anymore. I can tell he really likes me, and I am falling for him too. We always find something to talk about and we have a really good friendship now. The good thing is, he lives only about 7 hrs away, so it's not like  a cross-country relationship.

My question is, how does an online relationship work? I mean, I believe a relationship consists a lot on physical connection like hugs and holding hands and kissing. How does an online relationship change between just a friendly chat to a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of thing? How can I tell, and what exactly do I do? We are planning to meet sometime, but how can we have an actual relationship by just chatting online. I can't see how it works, or quite what makes the difference.

Hello, Hanna, BE VERY CAREFUL!

On line relationships are where people put the best of themselves out there. They are "fishing" for something or someone. Many are innocent and looking for friendship or more, but some are hunters and predators.

And you can fall in love with someone who doesn't really exist outside that they created themselves to be on line.

Never meet someone you met on line by yourself. And if a group of you go, stay together, and never get into their car or in any way let them have some control over you. Because you are 16 and a minor, he may be your age and a male and he might be a 45 year old X rape felon - and you can't tell.  

So take it slow, give out no info so they can "find" you, and if you do go to meet him 1/2 way, go with several friends/family members who won't leave you.


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