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Hi.  I met someone on a chat room.  He asked for my number, I hesitated for a while but ended up giving it to him.  He started sending me roses by text and little love messages after a couple of days he would call me up every night and send me a text with a little picture and a note every morning to wish me a good day.  It has gotten to the point where we are getting intimate over the phone. One thing is he lives in GA and I live in AZ. Just wanted to know if there was any chance of this ending up into anything

Hi there,
Thank you for the message.
Chat rooms and internet dating sites are full of scammers! All I can say is you have to be VERY careful.
Don't get emotionally / intimately involved until you have at least had a face to face meeting - in a VERY public place!
I also know a website that deals with scammers.  Do you have any other details of his?
My email address is .... email me and I'll try help determine whether he is a recognised spammer or for real!

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