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I live in the United States and I've been in an online relationship with a Canadian for going on two years. He tells me he loves me every day.We video chat and chat by phone and text every day, he sends me pictures and videos on thumb drives of his area, sends me gifts at Christmas and holidays.  Although he's asked me to marry him, probably on average of two to three times a day (every time I've said no because I refuse to say yes in a text or online or via phone) and talks about the future he has never made any effort to come see me and the times I've brought the subject up to him, he has told me it's bad timing. How can it be two years of bad timing. I have  spoken with his mother so I know he's not married but I question his sincerity even though he continually says please stop doubting us. I want to believe what he tells me and although I was born at night, it definitely wasn't last night and I need to be realistic. Does it sound reasonable at all that in two years, someone can continue to use 'timing issue' as the reason for not meeting?

Hi Cin,

My apologies for the delay in my replying, I was at an annual conference.

May I inquire how you two are?

And is he in the military or anything like that where his time and his schedule are not his own?

And lastly, how did you two meet online? Was it in some kind of a topical forum?  A gaming site?

Please let me know so I can better answer your question.  I loved your using the phrase, "I was born at night, it definitely wasn't last night." That was very cute.

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How to Have an Online Relationship

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