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QUESTION: Hi I meet a guy online seems really nice but don't know the doe's and don'ts how often should I reply to him.If I'm doing once a day is that bad & if I skip days of not talking to him.Is it a good thing so I don't look needy.If I do won,t someone else get his attention and I miss out? How can I come across well to him in the right way.Be cool about it,interested and interesting to him? Thank U so much

ANSWER: Hello Julie-ann,

You should do whatever feels right to you.  If you feel there is a connection with this guy,
then go with it.  There is no set rules as far as online dating, just like meeting
someone face-to-face.  You will know how you feel when you chat with him.  

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I just to ask you also,this guy has given me his number.The reason was to send him a photo.Unfortunately I'm unable upload a photo & so I sent it.And of course he's unable to view the photo on his phone.He then said try his e-mail & he gave me that.He has hotmail and he wasn't unable to open it.After all that still chatting on-line.He'd end his message in a wink,the odd time.We had rough weather two nights ago and he came on line ''Hey...I hope yr not out in that''with one of those smiley faces winking.I replayed on my thoughts on it of the weather. Told him how bad England is getting it,and he says once it stays over there.Replied back and ended it with keep warm.His responce was too and two smiley faces with eyes going to the right.Not sure the meaning of that symbol, do U? As I've mentioned, I have his number and would like to text him.But,what do I say? All I can think of is ''how's yr day going''That would be OK once or twice but not all the time.Would be come boring and needy and mostly you'd lose interest hearing that same thing from some over & over. If I was to text him,would could I say each time I go to text him? This guy is 44 and I'm 33 when talking his conversations are friendly but not chatty.Doesn't ask questions about me.So hard to tell if he is shy,unsure what to say or not interested enough.There is a lot of girls on this site that are good looking.With their photos up but I don't,I think that will go against me.He said he was on this site mouths ago summer time .Then left it and then came back to it,thinks it's fine.What Q's or comments can I ask him,to find out where I stand with out asking directly? In his profile under ''what is yr Ideal partner''?,he has ''I know when I meet her''.So even though there is attractive girls online it doesn't matter??? I'm sure back then when he was on the site in the summer.Attrative girls bavk then also,and is himsrlf vety good looking.But,nothing happened for him back then,very suprised at that with the kinds of girls there are on this site.Only when he meets in person will he know.A lot of confusion here.Should I keep in contact and not be but of by not hearing from him all the time.I feel anyway I,m the only one make the 1st move in conversations.Can I ask him about if he's getting a good resp once on the site?

Hello Julie-ann:

First of all, this guy should be asking questions about you!  Relax and let him contact you.  Let him do the chasing.  Don't be so hard on yourself by thinking there are attractive girls on this site.  What brought him to you in the first place?  Did he e-mail/contact you?

If you want to know how he feels or what he thinks about you, ask him.  I wouldn't worry about being perceived as boring or needy.  At 44, this guy knows what he wants and what he is looking for in a woman.  Find out more about him as far as where he lives, what he does for a living, if he has ever been married, if he has any children or wants children in the future.

If you are looking for a relationship, be up front and tell him.  If that is what you are looking for and he isn't, then don't waste your time.  Find out if the two of you are looking/wanting the same thing.  Don't invest more that you can afford to loose as far as your feelings are concerned.  

If he doesn't want the same thing as you, move on!

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