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I'm one of those people who is considering online dating, but the thought of including a picture with my profile really unnerves me. Is there anything that I could include in my description about being nervous about sending a pic, but at the same time be able to convince someone to go on a blind date or something? Or better yet, do you know of any free blind dating sites or programs at my location? I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Hi Joel,

Unfortunately, since about 15 years ago with the advent of digital cameras commonly being owned, let alone now a feature in many smart phones, including a profile photo is pretty standard protocol with all the mainstream internet dating sites.  

Of course, you don't have to post a photograph in your personals ad write up (  It is just that those few singles these days who do not include a digital picture of themselves get very, very few responses. It's almost a waste of your time and money.

Just think of it from a lady's side.

"What is he trying to hide?"
"Is he deformed?"
"If he won't include a photo, does that mean he's married?"

I'm not sure why you feel so nervous now that online dating is mainstream and the internet matchmaking industry is a mature market.  It's like going into a social setting and saying, "I'm interested in dating."  That's all.  You're not saying anything more about yourself than that.

If you truly find you really want to go on blind dates only, then ask friend ITRW to fix you up and leave web dating for another time when you feel more comfortable with the etiquette of dating sites.  

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