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Hi Marlene,
I would like some help in where I can go to make the real soldier aware that his pictures are floating around being used to scam women for money. I thank God that I had knowledge of the military because these scammers are good at what they do, but I ask so much questions and sometimes came back with the same question on a later date that he got so angry he told me off and came back later for more. This guy is looking for $300 to come home from West Nigeria to meet me and spend time with me for 6 months. This joker states that God has brought us together, he's a widow with 2 daughters, one 6 and the other 5. When I study the pictures I received, I said to myself no way would he ask me for money. When I tell you his conversations are lovely, they are breathtaking. I even got him to call me and he had a dialect that wasn't good English and he sound like a kid. I did many searches using his email address and it showed he has another last name,but first matched and age was totally 21 years younger. Please help me. He swears that he is who he says he is. His emails are sometimes written with perfect grammar and other times it has bad grammar. My heart wants to believe him but my mind says no way. According to Spokeo search, he has 70 other profiles with 98+ pictures and videos. These people are dangerous. Thank you in advance.

Hello LaShunda,

You are absolutely right!  This creep is definitely a scammer.  Unfortunately, there isn't any way you can notify the solider that his photos are being used.  Scammers download these photos off the internet.  

This creep is using the same lies as a number of scammers use; he is a widow, "God has brought you together", needs money so he can come meet you and spend time with you.  

His dialect is not good English and he sounds like a kid; he may be a kid.  As far as his emails are sometimes written with perfect grammar and other times they are written with bad grammar, is because scammers "cut and paste" letters/emails off the internet or a web site, in most cases, a dating web site.  

You are absolutely correct, these people are dangerous.  Don't give him your address or any other personal information.  Cut all ties with this scumbag.  Do not respond to his emails or phone calls.  Whatever the site is that you started corresponding with this low-life, tell the moderator or the owner of the site you came across this creep and he is a scammer.  By doing so, you may save others from being hurt, financially or emotionally, or both.  

Kindest regards,


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