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How to Have an Online Relationship/creating a dateing site profile.


i would like to create a profile on a dating website. my question is what do i write in the What am I looking for? box?

i'm 29 years old. divorced and i have contact with my 3 year old daughter once a week for 4 hours.

any suggestions?

please help.

Dear Craig,

Here is a link to our internet safety website to copy/paste & download this writer's online dating safety tips. Link: The information is free, requires no personal information and simply click on the little "printer" icon next to the blue square with + sign in it. If you are in a rush and don't want to download the article, here are some quick tips.

1. Be mindful of all the images & videos you upload in the dating site. Look behind your face or head shot and make sure there is no information that could lead someone to identify you and where ya live. lol...Not just pretty girls post pretty images of themselves in cyberspace.

2. In the "What am I looking for box", write a good 3-4 paragraphs and don't brag or make yourself sound like God's gift to women. Always tell the truth and state you are divorced and have a three yr. old daughter that you love deeply and proud to be her father. Just be mindful to only contribute 2-3 sentences about the divorce and your daughter as women hate guys who constantly talk about their Ex's.

3. Don't use too many female physical attributes sought when describing who you are looking on a dating site. Focus on important things like you want to meet a lady who is intelligent, funny, enjoys the outdoors and animals (those are just examples).

4. Make sure your profile pic is recent and not an image from when you were 20. If the image is more than 5-6 yrs. old, state that in the caption.

5. If and when you do decide to meet a gal for the 1st time, insist you meet in a public place like a local restaurant, park or mall. Tell her that you spent a little time studying online dating and know how important it is for a woman to meet a guy in public for the 1st-3rd meetings.

6. Use a little humor, but don't be a clown. Women love when a guy can be intermittently comical.

7. If there is a social cause, charity or community contribution you participate in, include that too in the "what am I looking for box". For example, "In addition to the attributes I've mentioned, I hope to meet a special woman who accepts, and maybe participates, in my volunteer work educating parents on cyberbullying." This is an example, but I'll assume you get the point.

8. Most important, and so important I mention it again, is to be honest, do not brag, do not objectify her, be respectful and never be too pushy.

Now Go Get'em Young Man!!!


Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.
N.Y.S. Licensed Psychologist
iPredator Inc.
New York, U.S.A.
Ph: [347-871-2416]

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