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I am a 56 year old guy. Just got into Facebook-yeah I know its late-but its the only way to stay in touch with my labour union, as we are having issues with the employer. I enjoy posting in that group, but would like to expand my friendship network. I dont know where to begin! There are lots of different groups with different interests. I dont want to be categorised, I like lots of stuff and would enjoy making some online friends my age. Thanks for any help!

Hi Bud,

Good for you for getting online to FB even if so many years later than most. Who else cares?

OK, a few tips.

First, go join and allow it access to your FB account so when you join LOCAL interest groups it just happenstance posts to FB.

Meetup more than FB is very locally and activity focused. You're not quite sharing your whole life with the whole internet world, just locals, predominately.

Join several activity groups, square dancing (where my sr fiancÚ met me his midlife blessing), hiking groups, 40s - 50s social groups.

Get active socially and it will all happen for you.

Then on FB, focus on local groups. If it's a problem with your Labor Union, don't do it on FB, join on Meetup. Lower visibility.  Less professional conflict!  

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