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QUESTION: When I go to someone's page, does that person know that
I am there?

If yes, is there a way to remain anonymous?


ANSWER: Hi there Jennifer,

Thank you for your question.

No is the simple short and straight answer.

Facebook does not have something that shows who has been on someone's profile or if they are currently on that person's profile.

Have a great day further.


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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick reply.

I was told that there is no anonymity on Facebook,
but I guess this was wrong?

If I understand you correctly, everything is

When you are visiting someone profile there is anonymity.

However, that is about all the anonymity that you will find.  Facebook is a Social Media platform that is on the internet so everything you post is on the world wide web.  Your name, your photos, etc.

The only anonymity you can ensure is dependant then on your own privacy settings and what you allow others to see.  From posting status updates to photos to your timeline information.

If you're on the world wide web ... you are no anonymous.  

Your question was directly aimed at viewing someone's profile on facebook not anonymity on Facebook.

Hope this clarifies.

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