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How to Have an Online Relationship/Online chatting with people with ths same problems


I would like to ask you if there are any good chat sites where I can talk to people in the same situation than I am. My husband had serious cancer(3 X) and would like to talk to people about my struggle. Or otherwise, where can I ask for advice on an ongoing basis "questions & anwsers" type of free sites. I don't want to to the chat sites where people "meet" people for dating purposes. Thank you

Hello ElnA

I would google "cancer patient answers"  and also "Cancer Q & A" Try also "Causes of Cancer" and add the specific kind(s) he has had.

Try other searches like American Cancer Centers of America - and MAYO - and seek on their pages about Discussions.

Outside the box try watching HBO's "Killing Cancer - VICE"  by searching for it on-line

and following up with discussions about this show on line. Also,

It's a good link about work being done in the Bahamas with amazing results.

Keep me posted as to his progress!

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