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Dear Mary van Ede

Hello. Here are my questions. If I go on an online social media site (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and I see a women I may want to meet, Do I place my eggs in one basket and focus on one single woman (for a limited length of time)? Or should I flirt around until I see single women I deem to be interesting enough to begin flirting/chatting with? Also, Do you believe women will go down my follow list to see if I left any open messages/comments about other women at the communication stage? Please bear in mind (far as I know) Instagram has no private messaging which means comments are out in the open, and anything sent on FB goes to the person's "other email" unless you befriend them. I will wait for your reply. Thank you.


Hi William,

Thank you for the question.

In response, I believe that going on Social Media platforms like the ones you have mentioned and approaching 'single' women would actually be offensive.  With all the scammers and fake profiles out there, people in general are becoming a lot more careful with who they interact with.

If your aim is to meet single women you should rather be on an online dating site, as those sites are designed specifically for that purpose.  My suggestion would be one of the sites that only allows paying members, as dating sites are even more rife with scammers and fakes.

I hope my reply assists you.

Good luck with your search.

Perhaps celebrities have - are you a celebrity?  I think times have changed so much - as a point of reference I get at least 1-2 Facebook requests from people and they are generally scammers.  I think it is a bit harder to 'pretend' to be a celebrity so they already have the advantage.

However, like you say - love will find you.

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