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Dear April Braswell,

Hello. Here are my questions. If I go on an online social media site (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and I see a women I may want to meet, Do I place my eggs in one basket and focus on one single woman (for a limited length of time)? Or should I flirt around until I see single women I deem to be interesting enough to begin flirting/chatting with? Also, Do you believe women will go down my follow list to see if I left any open messages/comments about other women at the communication stage? Please bear in mind (far as I know) Instagram has no private messaging which means comments are out in the open, and anything sent on FB goes to the person's "other email" unless you befriend them. I will wait for your reply. Thank you.


Hi William,

I'm not sure what age you are how serious you are about finding love online or if you're just looking for a girlfriend for now.

If you want to use Facebook for Dating (, then you do want to be sure to follow my FB Dating tips. Demonstrating in your Social Networking like Facebook profile ( ) that you are a real person is imperative.  Additionally, only approach women who live in a geographically close area to you.  If you approach a woman who lives more than 1 or 2 counties away from you looks fake.  It's just unrealistic to be able to meet to date.

So, the thing is, all of the Social Networking sites, meeting to flirt and date is always sort of out there as a potential option, but seek out a boyfriend or girlfriend is not their primary purpose.  All Internet Dating Sites are a subdivision of Social Networking sites, but people can be at a Social Media site to connect with friends and just have fun.  At the Online Dating Sites, everyone is there with the expressed purpose to meet people for dating.

With that, women in particular, have been harassed and scam approached for years at the Social Networking sites, so by now, they are apprehensive about a stranger approaching them for dating.  So, be careful.

If you are serious about wanting a girlfriend or a relationship, then you'd be better served to sign up at a relationship-oriented internet dating site.  Aim to meet for a first date within about 10 days - 2 weeks of first messaging.  

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