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QUESTION: In your wisdom should I buy an MP3 player or other item from Amazon or eBay, considering the integrity of sellers and the fact that some eBay sellers' excellent ratings can be misleading as was for me?  Also, please keep in mind eBay usually requires one to spend more than at a store and you cannot outright buy unless you Buy It Now, which I've commonly seen is very pricey.

ANSWER: Since you are more confident dealing with Amazon, I would say you should stick with Amazon.

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QUESTION: Well thanks.  However I was counting on your expertise-I need an opinion and believe in you.  Is Amazon really better or is more of an opinionated thing?  :)  You represent this site so please give any advice.  I like this over Yahoo! Answers-I've found smarts there but also some unreliable best voted answers.

Well, Ebay is a greater risk.  Amazon is more aggressive about kicking out sellers that they do not like.  A seller can make an honest mistake on Amazon, but Amazon is not reasonable with them and will kick them out.  I always look at the feedback percentage on Ebay and how the item description is worded.  If the seller appears angry at buyers, I will not buy from him or her.  If it is a service (as opposed to a physical item), I will search the internet about reviews of the seller.  After that, I look at best price.  In other words, I order from Amazon and Ebay.

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