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Macy wrote at 2013-02-02 00:01:00
I have a friend who has an almost 4 octave range. She can sing from tenor up to soprano, however she is definitely a contralto. You're vocal "type" is defined very little by your actual range. The main things to focus on are: where your voice feels comfortable, where you can sing correctly (i.e. without using your throat to hit notes and consequently injuring yourself), and where your voice sounds the best. For example, I can sing alto to soprano, however I'm a soprano because I have a better tone in soprano range. You might be a soprano that can sing really low, an alto who can sing really high, or a mezzo who can sing low and high. My advice is to just keep practicing, listen to your teachers, and enjoy your wicked range! If you're only 15 with that range, it will probably grow even more, so congrats! :)


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