I took vocal lessons by an Opera Teacher 4 years ago. So I am no longer taking lessons. She told me my voice lies in between a 2nd Tenor and a 1st baritone. Can you tell me in specifics is that like a woman who is a Mezzo-Soprano who is in the middle of 1st Soprano and an Contra alto. What actually is my voice I thought it also was a Tenor di' Forza since they say there is no such thing as a Mezzo-Tenor for men.
Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Hector,
It's very hard for me to guess at where you might be since I haven't heard you.  But given what you said your teacher said I would stick to the baritone repertoire.  You may be a tenor but you would have to work with a really good teacher to free up the top voice.  It is safer for you to say you are a baritone.  I would say that the baritone fach is similar to the mezzo soprano fach.

The reason I say don't try to be a tenor is that often people tell will tell a guy that he is a tenor (when he is not) and that usually means that he is singing with a high larynx.  That you don't want.

If you really want to continue to sing maybe you can find the money and find a good teacher and work with him/her.

I wish you all the best,



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