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Hi my name is Bridget and I auditioned for my state's Honor Chorus level. While I was there my range was tested, and I was told that my range is G3-C6 or G below middle C and C two above middle C. I've read some of your other questions on subjects like this, and I am very comfortable in both the G3 three area and the C6 range also; however if I had to choose, I prefer to be closer to the C6, because getting close to the G3 tends to bother my voice. So my first question is what vocal part would you classify me as (I mean I know I'm a soprano, but is there a more specific classification for my vocal range?) My second question is, how would you suggest I go about stretching my range? I'm a senior in high school who's going off to college in the fall, but I have music auditions coming up in the coming months (I'm double majoring and one is music performance), so my third and final question is what kind of repertoire would you suggest I use for my vocal range if I have to sing in the standard Italian, German, French, Latin for my auditions? I really love the classical style of singing (more operatic), so I was wondering if you had any advice on how to work towards that goal as far as my vocal abilities go (I'm actually not that bad... I'm good, but I want to be great!)
Thank you so very much for taking the time to help me out!

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Hi Bridget,

It's hard to really tell what voice type you will end up.  You are so young (and I haven't heard you sing) I don't think you need to decide that yet.  As to the auditions.  You want to choose pieces that show off your voice as it is now and that are comfortable for you to sing.  Also pieces that you really enjoy singing.  If you are auditioning for college you should go to their website and look at their audition requirements.  Most schools list very specific repertoire that they want to hear and some give you a list of possibilities.

You should get the 24 Italian Songs and Arias book - published by Schirmer.  Any of those songs would be perfect for a school audition - and they are all fun to do.  I would get the medium high book.  Some of my favorite songs are:

Vergin, Tutto Amor
Sebben, Crudele
Pur Dicesti, O Bocca Bella
Nel Cor Pił Non Sento
Caro Mio Ben
Amarilli, Mia Bella

But actually all of them are wonderful.  You just need to find one or two that you really love singing.

For English - I would look at Aaron Copland's Old American Songs:  Long Time Ago is beautiful; Simple Gifts is also very pretty.

For German - you might look at An die Musik by Schubert.

Most of the schools ask for Italian and English, though.  If they ask for French you might look at Ravel's Five Greek Songs... you might be able to do one of those.

But mainly I would stick to the Italian songs and the English.

If you are working with a voice teacher you, of course, should speak to him/her.  I'm sure they could suggest songs as well.  Or your chorus teacher.  If you aren't studying and you have access to a good (professional) voice teacher - you might take a few lessons to help you prepare for your auditions.

I wish you all the best of luck.  I'm sure you will do well.  Remember that schools aren't looking for totally polished singers.  They are looking for talent - a good voice, musicality, hard work.  Also you must know the audition songs so well you can sing them in your sleep!




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