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Hi Ms Pamela,

  I'm 23 and interested in singing. However, I'm clueless to my voice type. Here is a clip of me ascending the scales. I have yet to warm-up when I sung and hence my voice is alittle irritating. Apologies for that. The lowest note I can hit is F2 but it not comfortable. At around E4-F4, my voice may slide into falsetto if uncontrolled.

Here is the link ----

Hi Alfredo,

It is really hard for me to say what voice type you are even after listening to your scale.  Have you worked with a professional voice teacher in your area?  If not, perhaps you could go sing for them and get their thoughts.  I think you should concentrate, for now, on the baritone fach.  But if you are really interested in singing you really do need to study with a teacher live.  He/she could teach you about voice and give you a basic technique.

I wish you all the best,



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