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Hi Ms Pamela Thomas,

  I'm a 23-year old male and interested in singing. I have not attended any formal voice lessons but I'm curious to know my voice type. My range is from F2 - C#5. However, my G4 is alittle unstable and I have to "shout" any notes above G4 ( if not I will slide to falsetto). Here is a clip attempting the scales( p.s. I have not warmed up, hence my voice is not very appealing):

  Thank you.

Dear Felix,

I believe I answered this question earlier but the questioner had a different name.  However I do remember the recording.  Here is what I said before:

It is really hard for me to say what voice type you are even after listening to your scale.  Have you worked with a professional voice teacher in your area?  If not, perhaps you could go sing for them and get their thoughts.  I think you should concentrate, for now, on the baritone fach.  But if you are really interested in singing you really do need to study with a teacher live.  He/she could teach you about voice and give you a basic technique.

If you do want to learn about singing go to and you will see my voice teacher's CD about basic voice.  This has great information and good exercises.




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