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Opera/please help with classical song


My subject line pretty much states my problem...
I am writing a scene in a movie and I found the perfect song to fit this part.

I have a youtube link on a Hitler documentary called Nazi A Warning From History... (which makes me believe its a german song)

Here is the link
please set the video to 11:50 and listen... (sorry about the narration through it)  you will be able to hear it very clearly...
anything you could do for me would be great... I have searched about 1000 songs over two days, and am completely unsuccessful...


Tom Mestancik

Hi Tom,

I'm sorry to say that I do not know the song which is contained in the documentary link which you enclosed for me. I am guessing it might be a traditional German melody, perhaps historic, but none of which leads me to think it comes from an Opera.  You'd be maybe best advised to ask someone who is the curator of a library in Germany, who could potentially help you identify it- and perhaps a library in southern Germany since it was talking about that part of the country just when it showed those clips.

Hope this helps and wishing you the best of luck in your search!

Yours truly,


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