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Hi! I'm a 15 years old student and a mezzo-soprano singer in our choir. i started taking voice lessons since i joined a choir in our school. I want to expand my voice to high pitch soprano. How can i expand my voice to high pitch soprano easily? Can you show tips and advices. Thank you very much.

Hi Kristine,

You are very young so that's a good thing because you have lots of time to let your voice develop.  Without hearing you live I can't really tell if you are a mezzo or soprano.  It depends on the quality of your voice.

You can certainly expand you range - have you studied with a good voice teacher?  That's the best way to work.  But meanwhile, I do recommend David Jones' CD on voice.  You can find it on his website

You can get the CD or now you can download it.  He has some wonderful exercises for beginning singers that I find really helpful.

So take a look at his CD - I use those exercises in my teaching all the time.

Best of luck to you!



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