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Hi Ms Pamela,

  I have enquired about my voice category earlier. Thanks for the great advice. I'm still looking out for voice teachers. Here are two clips detailing my voice, one in which I'm singing an aria while the other one in which I'm vocalizing to as high as I could(without going to falsetto).

  Hope the audio quality is better now. Thank you.

Attached are the links:


Thanks for the clips..  the Che faro was pretty good.  I would just work toward making your voice as beautiful as possible.
Stick with the baritone repertory for now.  Get the "24 Italian Songs and Aria" book (published by Schirmer).  You can get it online.  You should get both the lower and medium voice book.  These songs are beautiful and fun to sing and they help teach the voice the bel canto style.

I would still look for voice teachers - studying live is always best.  Meanwhile - not sure if I gave you this website

This is the website of my teacher and teaching mentor, David Jones.  He has a great CD (now can be downloaded) that has exercises and explanations for the beginning singer.  I think this would help you a lot.

I wish you all the best,



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