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Dear Pamela,

My question has to do with exercising. Most of my singer friends say they sing better after they've worked out, even directly after. This has never been the case for me. If I do a normal, moderately rigorous workout, my voice is a little raspy and I feel like I have more phlegm than before. I'll also often crack on my high Eb (the highest note in my range, which I can usually hit with no problem). It's frustrating, because I feel limited with when I can exercise, particularly when I have later rehearsals or evening performances. Do you have any idea why this might be, or any experience working with other singers who have the same problem? (As a side note, I do have seasonal allergies, but I tend to workout inside so as not to breath in the pollen.)

Thank you!

Hi Christina,

I have not heard from any of my singer friends or students have had this problem.  Have you seen a good ENT doctor who works with singers?  The only thing I can think of is that somehow the allergies are involved in some way.  If you have more phlegm than usual it seems something is going on.  You don't say where you live and that might be an issue.  (Big city vs. smaller, less industrial city).

I have asked some others if they have heard of this and I will write you again if I hear anything.  But I would go to a top ENT and have him take a look at the cords.

I'm sorry I can't be more help.  I wish you the best of luck,

Best, Pamela


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