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Dear Mdm,

I'm a 24 year old male who has just begun singing lessons.

Recently, I came across an article:, and the author describes a test that might be very helpful in determining correct fach for males .

Out of curiosity, I tried this voice test and there is an abrupt break to a ''heady'' falsetto at around E4/F4. Refer to:

How accurate is this test and if so, am I doing this test correctly?

Also, my voice happens to be in good shape today so I decide to vocalize from a low note to my highest possible note in non-falsetto. I seldom vocalize to the extremes though. Refer to:

I'm aware that range tells little about voice fach and one should NOT be too concerned with classification in the early stage of voice development but I'm curious to know if there is any possible indication of my fach based on the timbre and register breaks in my voice in the recording.

Thank you for your patience and look forward to your advice

p.s. I'm aware of my high larynx position and poor musicality and I'm trying to correct this problem.


Hi Alfredo!,

I'm sorry to report that the links which you provided to your vocal samples are somehow not able to be accessed by me when I click on them- it says that the link is unavailable. So, would it be possible for you to do them again and post them on youtube? That's more reliable.

Anyway, I've read the online article that you referred to and I think that it's totally sound advice and a reliable way of telling which "fach" you have.  Richard Miller's take on vocal technique is scientifically sound and has produced good results in many people's cases.

That being said, what is the rush with identifying your fach? I'm not sure that it will help you much at this point. Perhaps it might even be better to stay open, just keep singing the things with your teacher (whom you trust to advise you on what repertoire to choose) that feel comfortable and that you can sing easily, and as the voice and technique develop and grow you'll eventually see what "fach" you are without any difficulty. That may be your best best, to be honest, because if you've just started lessons, it can be somewhat difficult to tell, AND once you get out there auditioning for roles everyone is going to want to pigeonhole you into a "fach" anyway, so why rush it?

Okay, hope this helps and sorry for the delayed answer. Wishing you all the best with your singing!

Yours truly,


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