Hey there!

So let me ask you,  how may I be able to sing operatically seeing as I am only 16 years of age?
Are there any special trainings for it or what?
What repertories would fit for my "countertenor" voice?
And seing as someone told me that opera singers are the masters of the whistle register, how may I be able to have those?

So that's all what's inside my mind. I hope you may answer my questions precisely and thoroughly.

Hoping to be a true singer,

Hi Ariel,

Thanks so much for your question and I'm sorry it has taken me a bit longer to respond- I've just finished an pretty intense rehearsal period and had little time to email.

There are so many resources to answer you questions I hardly know where to tell you to begin, but I'll try:

I'd definitely start reading all the classical singing magazines you can get your hands on- they are invaluable resources with answers to all of your questions above, and those magazines are: Classical Singer, Opera News, Opernwelt (this is more of a production for opera fans but sometimes there are interesting interviews in there which are helpful), Journal of Singing (this is a publication which is more scholarly, but would help in educating you about the ideas behind singing science and methodology), and then I'd basically scour the internet for info about going to study singing at a Conservatory (which is the US American term for it, and in Germany it's called "Musikhochschule", and Italy....I'm not sure but you can look it up...I think Opera Studio) and then see if that is maybe the right path for you since it's very demanding, competitive and intense.

What would help you most of all though, is a good private voice teacher (someone with a classical degree in singing Opera) and they can usually be found by contacting the nearest conservatory or music school in a big city nearest to you. This person would be able to guide you and tell you of all the various options that are out there, and hopefully with their help you'll be able to make a well-informed decision.

Wishing you a very enjoyable adventure on your journey to becoming a true singer! :) Happy singing!

Yours truly,


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