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QUESTION: hello dear

because of some techniques in my arts and voice over career , I tried to know my voice range , I searched the internet until finding an exercise for vocalize which can assess my voice range , when I did this exercises several time , I found multiple ranges , so I ll give them to you to using your expertise for informing me my voice range

first time = F3-D5
second time = A5-D3
third time = G5-F3

so regarding to this measure what ll be my voice range or voice material type  , also if you want from me to send you any voice demos or singing demos to assess , please give me your email for sending you those demos , noticed that I m not singing opera , please comment and advise

thanks and best regards


For me to try to determine your voice range I would have to hear you.  So please do send me some demos.  You can email me at

All the best,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello dear

thank you for your concern

I had sent you demos for given email above

1- voice over demo in Arabic

2- a song in Arabic

let me know my voice range and type also my capability for singing , also if you need other demos for assessment , let me know , also if you need in English let me know too

thanks and best regards


Thanks for the demos.  In the samples you sent to me you seem to be limiting your range from about B flat 2 up to about G3.  That is if middle C is C4.   So the songs you sang had a limited range - doesn't necessarily mean you can't sing higher or lower.

What are your professional goals?  You said you were doing voice-overs - do you do that professionally?  Do you sing professionally?  Have you studied with a voice teacher or have you just sung because you love to?

I hope this will help some.  But it's very hard to tell about your voice from recordings.

I wish you all the best,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello dear

thank you for your analysis , I ll answer your confusion

You said you were doing voice-overs - do you do that professionally

yes , but still new professional in other meaning , I just owe talent , but for 2 month ago , I obtain voice coaching for improving my voice skills , I believed that talent only is not enough , but the coaching is concentrate in techniques of reading copies and performance of voice over techniques and errors happened  not concentrate on voice range or the musical side of the issue I think  that's natural because that's for voice over not for singing  , I just remember that lot of professionals whether in media or arts or sound engineers told me that I have  unique tagged voice can qualify me to be special voice over or radio anchorman and presenter , noticed that I have other demos for voice over also in English , if you want to analyze further more

Do you sing professionally?

of course nooooo , I adore singing and dancing and performing  and owe a specific musical ear since being 4 yrs child , can memorize musical complicated notes easily and quickly and re-perform them , also like theater musical drama and all kind of musical drama , singing comes from my musical talent , that's my view , I m singing all the time , imitate all kind of instruments also their notes and arrangement with the same sequence , but on my whole life all people around me may believe that I owe musical talent specially in dancing or performing  but I have ugly rough voice for singing , I confusing but I sure that I have huge musical energy

are you studied with a voice teacher or have you just sung because you love to?

no no I had never taken any training before or taking any vocalize lessons , I sung just because I love music also my ear entirely control my emotions

last thing now I m 30 yrs old , I tried in twenties for improving my dancing and singing talents but all the chances offered is for young age less than 18 yrs old  , that's depressing , it reaches degree that I thought to sing with choirs with group of people but I didn't find any opportunity

thanks and best regards

Thanks for the information.  I wish you all the best!  It sounds like the voice over career is a real possibility.

If you would really like to learn about singing - let me suggest you go to my teacher's website:

Mr. David Jones - he is a top voice teacher and he has a wonderful CD that gives vocal exercises where he discusses them and explains how to do them.  I think you can download them from the internet as well.  You might want to take a look...

Best of luck!



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