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Coming back to voice lessons and music after 40 years and having a difficult time practicing warm ups without straining my voice.  My goal is to get my voice higher.  Granted its been 40 years since I've done this and have only been taking lessons a few months, but I don't feel that I am progressing.  Then I remembered the Cuperto Technique that I was taught as a teenager.  I remember that this really helped message my voice and got me on the right track faster.

I've been trying to practice the cuperto, but not sure if I'm doing it properly since my voice will "crack" at my higher notes (E above middle C).  Do you know of any teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area or are there any good videos or Skype teachers to learn from?


Hi Pat,

I just spoke with my teacher and mentor, David Jones and he suggested Dr. Julia Hunt Nielsen who teaches the Swedish/Italian technique in San Francisco.  I have also met Julia at a number of David's wonderful vocal seminars (where he teaches teachers the Swedish/Italian technique) and she is a lovely person and a very skilled teacher. Here is her website.

I think she will be wonderful for you!  Best of luck in your studies.



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