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timeka wrote at 2008-06-29 08:21:08
I am not an doctor or have any medical background, but I too suffer from what is described . I have 20/20 vision also and when I was 20 I started having different and weird things happen to my vision. I have had mri's ct's,  brain spects, an complete work up and seen numerous eye doctors and neuro ophthalmologist, neurologist and eventually psychiatrist. I know I have floaters, I now what floaters are, and what I'm experiencing is far from "just floaters". I am twenty seven now and have to admit, this phenomena has changed my entire life. I am not who I use to be, although I try my best not to let this get me down, because life must go on, but I know that I am an completely different person. I use to suffer from extreme anxiety attacks, and on and off mild depression. Very few people know what I am going through because when this first started happening, no one believed me. There was no diagnosis so evidently there was no real problem. I got tired of no one understanding me or my symptoms until I was made to believe myself that I was just making it up. I have been on anti anxiety pills and anti depressants. Now I refuse to take any of these pills because I now know that there is nothing wrong with me. I am not hallucinating, nor am I psychotic. I am an normal person who is desperate for answers and maybe an cure. But most of all someone out there who cares and believes that this is real and has the means to research it and if not find a cure but an real explanation.

steven wrote at 2013-07-28 14:29:02
I also have a condition that causes me to see what has been described as snow vision.  I actually lose partial vision and I see a weird snowy image such as what you would see if your changing TV channels and you see a snowy blank screen.  When I look at something or a street sign when I am driving, I actually can't read the whole word on the sign.  Usually part of the word disappears and only appears when I look directly at the missing part of the word.  It usually lasts for about twenty minutes and doesn't occur every day.  I read something once where it said that the condition might be a result of dehydration.  

steven wrote at 2013-07-28 14:34:37
I also have a condition with my eyes that causes me to lose partial vision from time to time and I see a snowy image when I look at something.  When I look at something, such as a street sign, the snowy image usually blocks part of the word so I cant see the entire word.  I read once that the condition could be caused because I am dehydrated, but no one really knows.

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