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ingrid wrote at 2010-05-26 21:43:45
i have been having the exact problem as the person above. i'm 30 years old and have been wearing rgp contacts for about 14 years without a problem until now. I have used a couple of different brands of cleansers as well as enzyme drops up to twice a day to only have the contact develop a film or grease? dirt? mucus? after a minute of wearing them. it's extremely frustrating. i have visited my doctor 3 times. no answers/solutions. i have change cosmetics, as well as gone without any type of cosmetic for an entire week. still the problems with the contact lens film continued. i have used an eyelid wash, eye wash, and pretty much have done everything but scrape my eye and have not found a solution. it's not that the contact is dirty. the contact is perfectly clean, i lift it up to the light and it is spotless. the problem is when i insert it in my eye and after a few blinks a film of something forms all over it, preventing perfect vision. i have also gone without wearing them for about 3 weeks. that did not help either. if anyone has a solution to this, it would be eternally appreciated.  

John Brewster wrote at 2010-10-29 10:56:01
I suffered from these symptoms for many years.Then some one advised me that although I was using rigid gas permeable lenses I should try soft lens solutions which had protein remover, and also to clean my eyes with eyelid wipes. This has changed my life! The hospital people said it was ok to do this, but not ok for soft lens wearers to try hard lens solutions. I may add that I now use OptiFree Express soft lens solutions, but that the propblem of film on my lenses came back when Opti Free brought out its updated no rub range.

ohara99593 wrote at 2011-01-12 17:21:48
I have worn RGP lenses for over 30 years - never had a problem until some "high-tech" doc "updated" my contacts to a cool, new material that gathered protein like a magnet.  Like the descriptions above, I changed all sorts of cleansers, makeup etc. but it did not help.  Went to a new optometrist who put me back in Boston lenses that utilize an older material and have had not one single problem with buildup for almost two years now.  Try to find an eye doc that has been practicing for 20+ years as they know about the older materials - I love technology as much as anyone but newer is not always better, especially if you are a very long term contact wearer like me - it has nothing to do with your age, makeup or allergies.

drainwater wrote at 2012-08-19 20:34:55
I have been wearing hard and now rgp lenses for over 40 years. For the past few years I have the blurry vision problem in just one eye where I have to remove and clean the lens multiple times a day. My eye doctor said I have thicker mucus in the one eye. I have used hot compresses on my eye supposedly to thin the mucus, eye wipes,  enzyme cleaners, etc. Anyone else have this in just one eye?

Naffy70 wrote at 2012-10-30 19:12:56
Oh my goodness... I also have kerataconus and have been using the hybrid lenses for about 2 years now, and just started encountering the problem with fogginess over the last 2 weeks interchangeably in either eye. The funny thing is I also started using an oily eye makeup remover about 2 weeks ago as well! It never even occurred to me that it could be the culprit! Thanks for this info! I'm going to try going without for a bit and see if that makes a difference! I hope that is what it is.  Thank you again!

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