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Eugene Katona wrote at 2013-06-20 18:24:42
    I had Lasik Surgery in 2005 and my vision seemed fine until mid 2009 when I noticed some blurring in the left eye. This progressed rather rapidly into monocular diplopia and finally into monocular polyopia in the left eye. I have had two ophthalmic examinations and have been told that I have a slight astigmatism, but eyeglasses do not cure the diplopia. My right eye has good vision so I can read O.K.  If I close my right eye and droop my left eyelid down to slightly cover my left pupil the multiple images fuse together and objects and print look good (although a bit darker since I am looking through my eye lashes at that point). I am going to try a rigid, gas permeable contact lens to try to remedy my visual problem as this has been suggested in several articles I've read.  

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