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Sam Decrock wrote at 2013-11-09 10:37:41

I seem to have the same problem. I get sick wearing my new glasses. Also my tear fluid starts to get muddy and so my eyes start irritating.

In December 2012, I got my new right lens, which causes me these irritations.

I've spend more than 700 dollars on testing titanium frames, lenses without anti-reflective coating on it, putting them in old frames,...

Another optician also told me that my glasses were too far apart (1 millimeter too far) for my eyes. But that theory doesn't fit my sunglasses, which are 3 millimeters too far apart and have no irritating effect. Sunglasses being from June 2011.

Nothing seems to help. Though, glasses with lenses from May 2011 didn't seem to have that effect.

However, I have no idea what material the lenses are made of. I'm still doing my research...

I hope this helps you a bit. And if you find your answers, please don't hesitate to let the world know ;-)

Sam Decrock,

Computer Science Engineer,


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Jilma H. Ellison, OD, F.A.A.O


I can answer questions about many topics in general eye health, correction with glasses and contact lenses including challenging contact lens fits on irregular corneas (Post-graft, keratoconus, keratoglobus and other corneal dystrophies). I also can answer questions about eye anatomy, normal eye function and prevention of eye diseases through nutrition and protection. I also enjoy educating people and disclaiming eye related myths with facts. I prefer not to answer questions for those looking for diagnosis or recommend treatment or medications.


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