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QUESTION: Hello Doctor!
I've issues with my eyes, when i was 7 y/o I'd a checkup of my eyes and I'd been told RE -11.50 AND LE -1.80 and now I am 20 years & 4 months old with RE -18.00 and LE -4.00 (just checked a 10 days back). I've an query that do i really have Amblyopia or only Very High Myopia in my Right Eye? Ofcourse I don't use Right eye but when i look to closer things like wall or something like that i see TWO Images (My right eye is not crossed). Please tell me what do you think about it  and a solution for the same.
I know i am not a kid anymore for patching (If I've Amblyopia in Right Eye) but really finding a solution to treat my eyes as possible as. Also if i have only High Myopia (or Both) in Right Eye then can i have 'Implantable Contact Lenses' in the same and Lasik in left one (maybe in future with stable prescriptions).?

ANSWER: Hi Raul,
amblyopia is poor vision WITH best glasses; likely even with that -18 the eye would still not see nearly as sharply as the other eye, so it is amblyopia: caused by the constant blur as a baby/child for that eye.  the brain doesn't develop properly for that eye.   you may use a strong contact lens and see better, but not normally and probaby not acceptable to you due to size image difference between the eyes or double vision , etc.  It is called 'refractive amblyopia', look it up/   Safety and protection of the good eye is paramount, so wear glasses, safety lenses, and be careful.  Forget surgery as it won't help the amblyopia.  the left eye is not highly myopia, it is moderate.  the double vision is just due to the two eyes not aligning, your brain doesn't care about alignment since there is such a blur on the one eye but when better focused and somewhat used, you brain sees out of both eyes and misaligned so you see two images.  
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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QUESTION: So it means all Amblyopians have ONE EYE with very Poor/Blur Vision? Is it possible to have Amblyopia in One Eye with -0.00 Diopter? On what basis an Eye gets called an 'Amblyopic Eye' and not 'High Myopic'?  How about people having -15.00 in Both eyes, are they also affected by Amblyopia? What is the permanent solution for my RIGHT EYE? like Replacement if someone Donates an eye eg. My Mom or anyone? OR (As we say something is better than nothing) A Patching treatment using -18.00 in Right Eye and patch over the Left One?
I really need something to try and make my Right Eye at least usable a little bit than Complete Blindness in foreseeable future :(
I'd appreciate your help alot

Hi again, please read about 'refractive amblyopia' and about amblyopia in general.  it is possible but rare to have amblyopia in both eyes as usually one eye is used and the other not, hence the amblyopia.  you cannot transplant an eye.  a strong glasses or contact lens can help the eye see better, but not make it normal.  myopia is a condition of blur due to focus, not the ability to read an eyechart.  given best possible focus, a myopic eye sees fine, but amblyopic eyes still cannot interpret the image well despite a good sharp image on the retina.  there is no reason to expect complete blindness due to the amblyopia, so again, safety is paramount.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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