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Hello Doctor,
My husband,who is 62 years old, was diagnosed with a chalazion on his lower eyelid in May 2012.  He was given tobradex drops, a course of doxycycline and used hot packs during the day. Nothing really helped. In August it grew so large, (size of a raspberry)with a white head, that the opthamologist lanced it and obtained a good amount of pus. However the doctor said that it would probably reappear and just to keep hot packing it, as it was on the inner lid and also the outer lid. It has gotten considerably smaller and my huband says it doesn't bother him at all, doesn t even feel it. He has been to 2 opthamologists, his gp and a dermatologist.  They all agree it is a chalazion and it "just takes time". My questions are: How much time does it take? It has been  6 months now. Also, what are the chances that this could be some sort of squamous cell or basal carcinoma? All the doctors say "absolutely not", but it has never been biopsed. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Dear Christine:

The treatment your husband was getting seems prudent. If eyedrops, antibiotics, hot packs dont work, then surgical excision is the treatment of choice. If drainage of pus occurred, then it is highly unlikely that it is carcinoma. If there are reoccurrences in the same spot, then a biopsy is probably a good idea. Also eyelid scrubs, good hygiene , and prophylactic antibiotic ointment application is good management of recurrent chalazia. Good luck.

Dr. Ken

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