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Hi there! I know that eye twitches are very common and generally go away, but I've recently been having a different type of "twitch" that has been worrying me (I'm a female college kid). In my right eye, on the top lid, in the outer corner, I have been having (for 5 days) a spasm every time I squeeze my eyes shut/sneeze/blink too hard.

Generally, when I have eye twitches, it's because of lack of sleep or stress. This is not like those twitches, and I'm not stressed/tired. The spasm will happen only when I reopen my eye, and it starts out strong and then slowly dies down over the course of 15-30 seconds.You can hardly see it, except one or two of my eyelashes subtly move as the twitch pulsates.

I don't have any pain, but my eye just feels a bit strange, more watery and I can feel my contact more. Though it may be my extra awareness/sensitivity to it. It just always feels on the verge of spasms.

It's been stressing me out because I get nervous when things could possibly be wrong with my eyes. I don't want this to be some sort of thing that will lead to nerve damage or something (yes, dramatic, but possible?). Should I see someone about this and make sure that something isn't wrong/stuck up there? Or what would your best course of advice/action be?

Thanks so much!

The first thing to do is take the contact out... and leave it out... for at least one week. If the twitch goes away, then there may be a contact lens problem.

Yes, I know, you don't want to do that. Keep in mind a contact is a piece of plastic in your eye that really doesn't belong there...it's not normal for the eye.

If it is a contact related problem and it is ignored, it could cause serious problems.

If the twitch persists without the contact, then something else is more likely the cause.

The most likely cause, from what you describe is stress / lack of sleep...
(midterms before Thanksgiving maybe?)

No amount of advice can substitute for being checked.

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