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QUESTION: I am 25 and I've had floaters for probably 10-15 years. Lately I've been seeing  a lot of spots and after images. The spots are sometimes small white sparkles, colored circles (usually red), or bright shiny silver or white blobs. I also notice a lot of horizontal wavy lines moving up and down if I look at a light. If I look to the side I see vertical wavy lines. (All of these lines don't seem like floaters). I've been the the eye doctor twice in the past few months and he says my eyes look fine. He says he doesn't know why i would be seeing this and told me to just ignore it. He just said maybe its the "jelly moving around". Do you have any idea why I would be seeing these things? Am I just seeing my vitreous? Do a lot of people have these things but just don't pay attention to it?

ANSWER: Exactly.  Many people experience the same phenomena and simply ignore it. Wavy lines, spots, soot, cobwebs, heat -like evaporization, flies, bugs, etc  are many of the terms used by patients to describe their vitreous floaters. remember, floaters come in all shapes and sizes and represent usually the separation and liquification of the jelly substance called the vitreous humor. Often times this comes from a posterior vitreous detachment or syneresis (liquifying of the gel). This, many times, comes with the ageing process but can also occur in younger folks (like you).

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QUESTION: Is vitreous syneresis or detachment serious? From what I've read the detachment of the vitreous actually sounds like a good thing because the symptoms usually lessen. If detachment doesn't usually cause problems why is it attached in the first place? Also, since I already always see a lot of strange things, how will I know if it turns into something serious like a retinal detachment?

No, syeresis and PVD are Not serious ailments, however they can be annoying but most folks get used to these spots and see past through them, much like a speck of dirt on the windshield of a car and we see right past it toward a distant target of viewing. If you get many more floaters, flashes of light, and loss of vision,in any quadrant of sight, call your eye doctor immediately as these symptoms could be the sign of something more ominous like retinal detachment or tears.

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