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There has been about three time that I have been just sitting and all of a sudden I get white sparkles in my eyes. The first time I was just sitting watching TV and they started it last about 15 to 20 minutes. They start all at once with no warning and they they leave the same way. After they leave the front top of my head is feel tintless for about a minute or two then I am fine. The second time was about three or four day later and I started to get up but I was sitting on the edge of the chair watching the weather when it happen the same way the first time. Then today I was at work sitting in front of my computer it happen again I couldn't see what was on my computer even with my glasses on it was all blurry and I look around and everything was blurry with white sparkles it lasted for about 30 minutes then they was gone and the top front above my eyes felted light and tintless for about 2 to 3 minutes then I felt fine. The sparkles but me in mind of a migraine headache without the headache pain. I have had couple times of light headiness before this started and I can't remember things like I use too.

thank you


Dear Anna:  Theses "whire sparkles" can indeed be an ocular or ophthalmic migraine. These can be tripped off by low blood sugars, (hypoglycemia), stress, excessive caffeine, ii. coffee, teas colas, etc, nuts, alcohol, smoking, cheeses, etc or carotid artery insuffiency which means not enough blood supply gets to the ophthalmic system via the carotids. Therefore you need to get it checked out, especially if there is more than one episode.  Good luck .

Dr. Ken

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