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Many questions have been asked about changing astigmatism axis, but no answers address how to deal with it. Concerning my right eye: My axis was 180 a year ago. It changed to 120 three months ago. 45 days ago it was 160. Now it's trending back to 180.

My vision can be very blurry (double images) on one day and not as bad on another. I have monitored blood pressure and blood sugar levels but see no correlation. Reducing sleep to 3 or 4 hours improves my vision, but is not sustainable.

I've had glasses redone numerous times, only to find that my eye has changed again. Currently my vision is so blurry with the glasses that were just redone last week I can't wear them at all. I have glued an old lens (spun 90 degrees) to an old frame and that works... this week. My left eye is quite stable and hasn't changed in years.

Is there a design of glasses that enables the user to rotate the lens?   Two recent ophthalmologist appointments and many tests have not revealed anything. All doctors just say, "Gosh, I've never seen this before."

Thank you.

Dear Feff:  You may want to consult with a corneal specialist and have a corneal topography done to determine if you are developing keratoconus which causes irregular astigmatism and changing axis and fluctuating vision, or corneal edema. If you were contact lenses, this may be a reason for the changing vision and astigmatic changes. Fluctuating vision like you decribe is not normal and you need to find out what is causing your changes. A good start is a complete medical workup to see if there is any underlying medical issues.  Good luck

Dr. Ken

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