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I recently went to get a new prescription for my contact lenses. I had been wearing Bausch & Lomb Purevision, left: BC=8.3, -6.00, diameter 14 mm; right: BC=8.3, -5.00, diameter 14 mm. I was happy with them, but noticed my vision deteriorating. My new values were left: -6.75, right: -5.50. Whoever ordered the contacts ordered left: BC=8.6, -6.50 and right: BC=8.3, -5.50. When I pointed out the mistake, they said that Purevision doesn't come in 8.3 and -6.75. They said they would order me new ones for my left eye, BC=8.4. I unfortunately didn't ask which brand. It has been mentioned in other answers that the base curve radius of different brands are not directly comparable. The ones they would like to order for me are more expensive, and unfortunately I am a poor student (I got a deal on the Purevision). I feel like they are ripping me off, and would like to go in prepared. Any suggestions or brand recommendations?

Other possibly relevant information: I'm 23, wear my contacts most days, spend a lot of time at the computer/reading/microscope. No other vision problems.

Hi Sophie,
I am not sure about German laws regarding contact lens prescriptions or purchasing, but here in the USA you can buy the contacts anywhere you want once you have the written prescription which you are entitled to once all fees are paid and the doctor is satisfied with the contact lens fit.  But any lens should be observed on the eye before the doctor prescribes it.  So for the doctor to order a supply of lenses for you unseen on the eye isn't right; but if they are ordering a lens to observe on your eye, or to see how you do with it for a while before ordering the supply then it is OK.  With regards to pricing, i would have the discussion with them since it is a concern of yours and ask them to offer some possible options.  They may likely and rightly want to charge for refitting you into a different brand, though.  Most contacts above -6 don't offer .25 increments, only .5, so it goes from -6 to -6.5 to -7.  You will probably do fine with the weaker or stronger and may have trouble finding many -6.75 lenses to choose from.  If you can get the Rx and buy the lenses anywhere, then just ask what brands they can fit and then check out pricing on the web..
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