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QUESTION: My daughter is 18m. I didn't notice until looking at our Christmas pictures but she has a definite white Right pupil in them. (I read a while ago that it wasnt good.) Lookin back she has had them starting from six months. Not in all the photos. And she does have red eyes in the R in other photos. Is this something I should be contacting her dr about or is the fact she has red eye in other photos enough to say nothing is wrong? I also read somewhere that if you look in the eye and there was something there you would be able to see it and i do not see anything abnormal. I would include all the photos with this question but I'm not sure how. Thank you in advance. I guess I don't want to go running to her dr looking like a fool and wasting time and money over something I shouldn't be worrying about.

ANSWER: I will need the photos of your daughters eyes to properly evaluate her situation.   Please Attach.  Dr berger

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Now I did go see the Dr I was stressing. Asked her to check her eyes. She didn't ask for the pics  or what eye but did check her eyes. She said she could see what I meant when I said one was different from the other, red eye in one and not the other, but she said when she looked from different angles she could see it (im assuming the red) good and that she was fine.  Just wondering if it's normal to see an bnornality in the office
Too but to be able to see the red from a different angle and say shes fine? Thank you.

Since  the photos you submitted are inconclusive , the hands on view of the doctor takes precident.  The normal retinal reflex should be reddish-orange as that reflects  the color of the retina.  Any
Off color refex can indicate an opacity in the media fri front to the back of the eye , that is the cornea, anterior chamber, crystalline lens, posterior chamber, vitreous , and finally the retina and optic nerve .  To allay any fears and suspicions, a dilated examination of the eyes should be performed to check all the anatomical structures and put your mind to rest   If ever everything is normal STOP WORRYING.  Good luck.   dr Ken  

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